Monday, January 7, 2008

AHMED II (Achmed II)

Sultan Ahmed II was born in February 25, 1643. His father is Sultan Ibrahim I and his mother is Hatice Muazzez Sultana. His mother had taken care of his education. He knew Arabic and Persian. He had a mediate education. But, he followed the governmental affairs carefully.



When Sultan Ahmed II came to throne Koprulu Mustafa Pasha was the grand vizier. He had a brilliant military career since Sultan Suleyman II�s reign. Pasha had passed Belgrade and advanced through the River Tuna and marched through Austria and attacked the Austrian Army. But he was ambushed and defeated in Salakemen, he had died there because of a shot from his forehead. The war could not have been completed and the Ottoman raids to Europe were ended. Pasha was planning to reform the Ottoman Empire but after his death thes reformation movements were came to an end too.

Poland was intending to recapture the capital of Podolia Kamanice invaded by the Ottomans in 1672. But, Kahraman Pasha defended the castle from the Polish attacks. Beside this, very successful defences were made against the Venetian attacks. The Castle of Egriboz was defended against the Venetian attacks but, the Castle of Sakız was captured by the Venetians in Septamber, 21 1695.

Sultan Ahmed II was a brilliant calligrapher, that he wrote many Koran. He was fond of poets and poetry. He died of cirrhosis in 1695. He was buried in Istanbul.

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