Monday, January 7, 2008

Sultan Osman III was born in January 2, 1639. His father is Sultan Mustafa II, his mother is Sehsuvar Sultana. he succeed the throne in the age of 56. Because he lived a prisoner�s life in the palace, he was nervous by the character. But, he was a gracious and merciful sovereign.

Sultan Osman III hated music and the musician, he sent away all the musicians from the palace. Because he did not want to come a cross with the female servants he wore iron healed shoes. All the female servants were hiding as they heard the sound of his heals. He reigned for nearly three years, he changed his grand vizier for seven times.

It is known that he went in public by disguising himself. He died in October 30 1757 because of a boil in his body. He was buried near the tomb of Sultan Mahmoud I



The treaty of Belgrade was signed in 1739 and a peace period was lived. Refugees came from Romania were settled in New Serbia Federation. Two castles were built to this region against a possible war with Russia. The Kolemen State in Egypt gained power. The Ottoman authority in Algeria was declined. Against the attacks of the pirates of Malta, a castle and a lighthouse were constructed in the Island of Midilli.



In Sultan Osman III�s period famous Mosque of Nur-i Osmaniye was completed. Aydın Cihanoglu Mosque was erected and the famous Ahirkapi Light House was constructed.


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