Monday, January 7, 2008

MUSTAFA IV (Mustapha IV)

Sultan Mustafa IV was born in 08 09 1779, in Istanbul. His father is Sultan Abdulhamid I and his mother is Nuketseza Sultana. His mother was taken care of his education, but Mustafa was a greedy, cunning and a nervous man and he preferred to live a life of pleasure rather than to be educated.

He succeeded his uncle Sultan Selim III dethroned in the revolt of Kabakc─▒ Mustafa. He came to throne in his 28th year, in 29 May 1807. Mustafa was Sultan Selim III�s favourite crown prince, but he deceived his uncle and co-operated with the rebels and took his throne.

When he was came to throne, the authority of the empire was declining, supporters of Sultan Selim III and Nizam-i Cedid have been caught and executed. Rebellious Kabakci Mustafa and his men were intervening the governmental administrations.

After, the revolt of Kabakci Mustafa the Yeniceris gained power again, they were given many privileges.



Alemdar Mustafa Pasha and his supporters were planing to ascend Sultan Selim III again. They organised an army consisted of 16.000.000 soldiers, Alemdar Pasha sent Haci Ali Aga to Istanbul and killed Kabakci Mustafa (09 07 1808). Alemdar Pasha arrived Istanbul with his army and killed many rebels, he made Arif Efendi the Minister of Islamic issues and Arif Efendi went to Sultan Mustafa and said Sultan Selim III should ascend the throne again, Sultan Mustafa rejected Arif Efendi and commanded the death of Sultan Selim III and his brother Mahmud. Sultan Selim III was immideately killed but Mahmud had escaped. Alemdar Pasha dethroned Mustafa IV and Sultan Mahmud II replaced him.

Sultan Mustafa IV was executed in November 18 1808.

Mustafa was fond of calligraphy.

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