Monday, January 7, 2008


Sultan Suleyman II was born in April 15, 1642 in Istanbul. His father is Sultan Ibrahim I, his mother is Saliha Dilasub Sultana. He was a religious, honest and intelligent man. He hated bribery or pleasure addiction. His mother Dilasub Sultana had taken care of his education. She brought famous scholars to the palace to educate her son.

He spent 40 years of his life imprisoned in his chamber. During his reign he struggled with bribery and tyranny and he restored the government.

Sultan Suleyman II reigned for four years and in the last two years of his reign he was ill. He died in 1691, in Edirne.



While Sultan Suleyman was occupying with internal conflicts, many problems were occurred with Poland. Austria had benefited from the internal chaos of the Ottoman Empire and captured the castles of Egri (November,1687), Istoni and Belgrade (September 1688).

The fall of Belgrade had opened a way to the Balkans and Austria invaded Bosnia and Wallachia. Against this advance, the Ottoman Army led by Celebi Ibrahim Pasha defeated the Austrian Army in Egriboz and Sultan Suleyman II in 1689 went to Austria campaign.

The Ottoman Army commanded by Koprulu Mehmed Pasha recaptured Gladova and Orsovia in June 8, 1690. The castle of Balgrade was captured by Austrians in June 11 1690 but the Ottoman forces taken back Belgrade in October 1690.

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